About Us

Ilchi Pilchi adores animals and has many friends in the animal kingdom. Just like how you find animals fascinating, they too are beguiled by you. 


Ilchi Pilchi's animal friends have taken their time to write detailed storybooks on their lives and invite you to complete scrapbooking activities with them. Each story has been thoroughly checked for facts by Ilchi Pilchi. Each activity book has been tested by little humans and approved by consulting educators. 

While our other products assist in other areas of the child's development, they're pivoted on teaching animal facts, albeit subtly. 

None of the books are "works of fiction".

Ilchi Pilchi believes, when you befriend animals, even through pages, you're likely to grow up with more: 

  • empathy 

  • resilience 

  • sense of responsibility 

Same for when we're made aware of conservation. ​

And when you "tail" their tales, you will grow up to be more curious about the world, have a more vivid imagination, as well as be able to concentrate better. 

All Ilchi Pilchi products are created to add to the child's intellectual growth, but through fun!