Mood Chart (Penguin)

Mood Chart (Penguin)



3 years to 12 years 


Chart details 

  • 9 emotions 
  • Mounting board included 
  • Draw to express your emotions 
  • Synonyms and opposites 
  • 9 penguin facts 
  • Reusable 
  • Crayons wipe off easily with wet wipe 



  • Confused x Confident 
  • Hungry x Satiated 
  • Social x Aloof 
  • Hot x Cold 
  • Playful 
  • We have an additional 9 emotions for the panda too - click here 


How to use the mood chart 

  • Read it as a one-page book at bedtime
  • After you've read all 9 emotions, ask your child how his/her day was 
  • Try to match it to the panda's mood on the chart 
  • Gradually, your child will be able to match their moods on their own  
  • At any time, if your child begins to fuss, gently nudge the little one to recall how the penguin emoted
  • Do this regularly, until your child adopts the mood chart and communication about feelings is easy for both, you and the child 
  • We have an additional 9 emotions for the panda too - click here 



  • Helps children articulate  feelings
  • Helps children express themselves
  • Helps parents/caretakers check-in on children
  • Builds resilience in children 
  • improves vocabulary 


Additional Features 

  • Emotion chart includes peel of sticker back 
  • Mounting board has a cord attached to hang 



  • Chart: 11.5 inches x 11.5 inches 
  • Mounting board: 12inches x 12 inches 


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