Panda Pack

Panda Pack


3 years to 7 years


The Panda Pack is an edited, digital version of the Panda Activity Kit


Panda Pack includes 

  • 25 Flashcards: Cubx5, Foodx5, Poopx5, Personalityx5 and Soundsx5   
  • 1 Scrapbook with 10 activities: Personalisation, Comparison with the panda, Recal, Math, Logic and Complete the picture 
  • Pasting sheet: To complete the scrapbook activites 
  • Excludes: Stickers, DIY photoframe, Bookfront Puzzle, Postcard from the Panda and a Soft Sanvas Pouch, which are part of the Panda Activity Kit
  • The scrapbook in the Panda Activity Kit is reusable, as are the storybooks (flashcards in a book format.) 



  • Improves vocabulary 
  • Improves memory 
  • Improves cognitive function 
  • Improves concentration 
  • Improves creativity 


Additional features 

  • Flashcards "written" by the panda - so the child can connect with the panda 
  • Some scrapbook activities encourage comparison of self to the panda 


Return and Refund: Digital products cannot be returned.